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Thank goodness for these magical pills of goodness. I am getting married in 16 days and needed something during the craziness of planning to help calm me down. THIS was truly a life saver. The adaptogen blend totally mellows me out, but I can still be productive and get everything done I need to do. Couldnt be more appreciative for my massage therapist telling me about this product!


anxiety, depression, quarantine, motherhood

My therapist was joking when she recommended microdosing–but I’m so happy she did! After 6 weeks of using the Inner Peace blend once every other day, my mood, anxiety and ability to be a stable parent has improved tremendously.

I’m so happy that I took the leap and purchased these. Ever since, there has been so much positive press about psilocybin and mental health. This is indeed a breakthrough therapy for me!


Life Long PTSD resolved at 60 – LIFE CHANGING!

I have suffered with PTSD for the majority of my life due to childhood abuse. I spent many years on antidepressants, therapy, and other prescription meds which seem to only cover up the problem and cause additional side effects. After finding MindLifeTherapy and using Inner Peace for over a year now I have none of the issues I have suffered with all my life of 60yrs. No matter whether it’s depression, anxiety, bi-polar, PTSD, OCD, over eating, etc.; I believe whole heartedly this form of treatment will change your life for the better! I highly recommend this company and it’s products!


Continual Flow State of Creation

I’m a music producer. The Mind Therapy products, especially Brain Booster, have greatly helped me stay in a continual state of flow during my sessions, while at the same time, allowing me to drill down deeper into the details of the music and the production process itself to the point where I find myself doing really creative things that I’ve never done before. I believe these products are helping me create better music. In addition, my overall mood has been trending more towards happiness and satisfaction in my life and marriage since I’ve been using these products. I now love bringing my wife her morning tea in bed each day, and I’m doing all the dishes with a smile on my face.

Seth Bartlett

180° Difference

I’m left without words when I try explain the change microdosing has done for me. It’s completely revived and unlocked my ability to feel joy, endure hardships, and be fully present and alive. How is it that this medicine hasn’t been available any sooner? I’m truly grateful for Soulcybin.

Steve B

Miraculous Medicine – would have saved thousands on doctors!!!

I spent so much time researching, reading, watching lectures and examining results of clinical and research trials on the benefits and risks of trying micro dosing this medication. Being in the medical field, it was important I know if the benefits out weighed risks. I could not find cases of any permanent or damaging harm to the brain. Quite the opposite , very interesting to watch the neuropathways and neurons that start to communicate, when this medicine is used in appropriate amounts. I can honestly say for myself that after 3 days of the this medicine , I can see and feel a difference in how present I am, and how elevated my mood is. I am enjoying and noticing the simple yet beautiful things in life again, and my son has been more engaging , sensing I am more present. I also didn’t need any prescription meds for the past 4 days, not recommending this, just stating I personally have not needed it. I plan to continue the 3 days with the medicine, 4 days without and speak to my health care provider about getting off the prescribed meds, if they are still not needed at that time. If I had an adult child suffering from issues such as; MDD/Bipolar, etc. I would 1000% try this specific plant medicine over laboratory medicine. Miraculous , and I feel so grateful to have found this loving, compassionate, responsive company to work with. Excellent customer service, time appropriate responses, and well well worth the extended delivery dates ( just for now, I’m sure ! ). Thank you so much SoulCybin, your caring and lovingness for people is evident with each correspondence and each order.


Helping me through Grad School

It took a while for them to get here, but it was worth the wait. I’ve been taking the 50mg capsules to help me with my final assignments this quarter, and I really can’t believe how helpful they are. I’ve always had trouble focusing and at one point was prescribed medication for ADHD. However, those meds just made me feel anxious and like I couldn’t control my point of focus. The SoulCybin capsules just give me a smooth, calm focus and reunite me with my body at the same time. Love them. And so glad that I have access to an all-natural alternative 🙂 very appreciative of the work SoulCybin is doing!


I love this company and product!

This is an amazing company and a great product. This product has helped me through my days help me heal myself and transform my life while I’m battling cancer on chemotherapy for melanoma brain tumors and this product has got me through my days and made me so happy I will continue buying and taking this product and recommend it to all my friends and family


Incredibly Helpful!

Between working full time and raising kids, I find myself incredibly stressed out and have been battling PPD/PPA.


This is Life Changing!

I was a bit nervous about trying this for my issues, sleep issues, forgetting to eat and also anxiety. I noticed a difference in my mood the very next day after I tried it and with every dose it gets better and better. I was able to cut out so many extra vitamins or pills that I normally would have to take in order to just do normal daily activities. If you are nervous about trying this don’t be. I have had zero side effects and I’ve been using this product for a few months. It is life changing!


A Miracle

After experiencing a crushing, prolonged depression I decided to try microdosing despite having never tried anything even remotely like it. My god, why didn’t I try earlier? This has had such a dramatic effect on my happiness while allowing me to fully function again. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone suffering. Just give it a try. I am so thankful for this product.


Creating Sweeter Music with a new found Inner Peace

I’m a saxophone player and after taking the prescribed dosage of Inner Peace I’m more aware of the sounds that I’ve been making and now I’m able to create even more.


Feeling Better than I Ever Have

I am using microdosing to aid me in tapering off of antidepressants so I can have a guided psylocibin journey. So far, it has been helpful and I am not having any adverse effects from tapering. In fact, I feel better than I ever have. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how I feel. Much easier to deal with depressive thoughts, no deep dives into depression. I am using the 100 mg Adaptogen and next time will try the 150 mg to see if it will aid in creativity.


Soul Greatful

These capsules gently smooth out the rough psychic edges that poke and prod in my daily life. They just let life be more real, right now, and less driven by my anxious imaginings.


Loving My Two Sample Packs

I got a sample pack of the brain booster and inner peace, both have been pretty good for me and impactful in my day to day life. They’re not immediate cures by any means and the 100 mg inner peace did give me a bit of anxiety(perhaps too strong) but it definitely makes doing the work I need to do for myself a bit easier and that counts for a lot.


Migraine Relief

I’ve ben dealing with migraines and confusion since I started taking th brain boost, I feel a calm peaceful relief, I feel so much better Thank you so much!


Quit Smoking!

My micro dosing gave me a different perspective of a view I already had and helped me quit smoking, Thank you soulcybin !


Serenity Capsules – Simply amazing results

I am pretty new to micro dosing, these products I use are uplifting, calming, just simply amazing results! I couldn’t be happier, I am a very happy customer, and I would HIGHLY Recommend giving it a try, if you already haven’t. Each blend serves amazing results, especially if your intention matches the blend!!!


Best Experience of my Sons life!

I sent my Son 3 100MG’s he took one. 4 hours later he said it was the best experience of his life. His brain and mind were so clean and sharp. Now he knows what’s it all about.

Ed Small

Ceremonial Blend: Amazing!

The ceremonial blend was amazing; as powerful as a mushroom eaten whole

Doug Smith

Depression Stopped!

After micro dosing for a week I no longer feel the depression that used to drag me down! Thank you soulcybin !


Life changing!!!

Micro dosing has changed my life and for the better. It has helped my music practice. It is also helping me deal with psychological issues . I have found I can control unwelcome thought patterns and Pause before reacting to things . Thank You for making this available for people . The timing of learning of your company couldn’t have been better . I am forever grateful. HH


Filled with Empathy & Love!

About the 100 mg Inner Peace: I wasn’t sure what 1 capsule would do so I set aside some quiet time, avoided eating a large meal and tried one. Within 40 minutes I experienced a very pleasant state, with what you might call “cosmic thoughts and emotions” filled with empathy and love towards, well, everything.I couldn’t believe this product could produce a feeling so uplifting and yet mellow. At no time did I feel any loss of control or negative anything.Beyond pleasant. Beyond recreational.


Miracle my family has waited on

I wanted to wait a little before reviewing to make sure the results weren’t just a fluke. I’ve been severely depressed and bedridden the past two years, due to the divorce of a 20 year marriage. I even tried ending my life a few times in which I was rescued. After a week of taking microdoses of 200mg twice in one week, I’m a completely different person. My kids finally have their mom back! Truly one of earth’s miracles.


Life Changing for Relationship

Recently used this with my fiancé and it really helped strengthen our communication and understanding of each other. Brought us closer together than ever!


Parent Now Motivated with Playful Positive Energy

I started microdosing “Mental Clarity” and even though I had to adjust the dosage and be patient, I felt more positive energy almost immediately. I was able to use my creative energy with less inhibition and play with my kids more freely without feeling the stress of being an “adult” in that moment of play. I urge anyone who has unmanageable stress in their life, depression and anxiety to try microdosing if they have the right medical history for it. Don’t give up and try different doses and dosing schedules!


Uplifts the Mind & Spirit to a Higher Level

This is a good addition to my medicine cabinet, and I’m glad this is now more freely available. Helps to uplift the mind and spirit to a higher level, innocently enough.


Great Product

The Brain Booster is a Great Product! I feel it working while repairing my neurotransmitters. It’s a very effective cognitive enhancer, indeed. I am a top executive and it helps improve my mental performance and finding a “turbo powered” version of my capabilities.

R. Duke

At long last, relief and healing!

I have been fairly heavily medicated for the past few years for severe depression and PTSD. I am a fire captain, paramedic with 20+ years of built up trauma from the job. I have been seeing a therapist and psychologist for treatment for several years. The medications have done their job, taken the edge off, but there are quite a few, less than desirable side effects. After much research, I decided to give microdosing a try. I have been microdosing for the past two months, and, after experimenting with the different blends, have found my blend and dose. I am proud to say I am no longer on my prescribed medications, I have more energy, no side effects and I feel all around better than I have in years.

I highly recommend these products and the mindful strategy they suggest to anyone. I have referred several friends and colleagues to this product line and will continue to do so.I sincerely want to thank everyone on your team. You really are changing lives.

EJ Hinterman

Mother of four finally found help

I’ve struggled with myself on many levels my entire being. For as long as I can remember. Soul cybin is the only thing that has helped me feel truly happy on a day to day basis. I started out with the sample packs. 3 different kinds at 100 mgs and also the ceremonial blend. I microdose about every 2 weeks and it keeps me intensely creative. For the first time in my life I’m drawing again, painting, , creating taxidermy artwork again, rock hunting and park exploring with my children again. I can finally help my kids with all the home school they are required to do because of covid. I’m the best mom I have ever been because of this medicine. Highly recommend and will be a lifetime customer

Mary Laws

This is real medicine

Microdosing mushrooms did wonders for my depression and anxiety! This isn’t just hippy dippy nonsense. This is real medicine.

Jorvo B

Helped me tremendously

Microdosing has helped me tremendously. From being unable to leave the house and being in bed 20 hours a day, I am now doing 150% workload of courses at university while getting a degree in Computer Science.

Mage L

I still can’t believe it…

I have pain in the left side of my face and jaw due to Trigeminal Neuralgia. It often made me depressed so I thought I would try microdosing. It has been a pleasant energy focused and calming experience.

My neck and back have cracked back into place relieving pressure and pain.

But all good experiences and no bad side effects.

Glad I gave it a try.


Great tool in helping me combat anxiety/depression

As someone who drinks approximately 1 pot of coffee daily, after taking the brain boost blend I only consumed 1/2 a cup that day: I felt great and energized all day long. I take inner peace just before bed and my whole body feels so relaxed. Microdosing has been a great tool in helping me combat anxiety/depression related to being a first responder.


Lifesaver… completely new person.

Microdosing has given me my life back! I have bipolar disorder, general anxiety disorder, and chronic depression… but I have been microdosing for about 6 months now, and I am a completely new person! Or should I say, I’m my old self again! I’m in the process of tapering off of the benzodiazepines that I’ve been prescribed for almost 20 years. I’m less depressed, less anxious, more creative, more productive, healthier, more empathetic, and my relationship with my family has never been better. If you haven’t tried microdosing, this could make all the difference in the world.


ADHD seems gone

I tried a three months microdosing schedule for my wife who had crippling ADHD. She was a barely functioning adult. After that she was able to get to school, got her degree in electromechanics and is a highly functional adult. ADHD seems to be gone.

Nicolas M

Deep connection within

I have been using SoulCybin products for about 3 months now and the impact on my life has been profound. The medicine helps me to have deeper meditations, makes it easier to connect within, and has allowed me to bring up and release things that were buried for years! I feel lighter and more aware than ever. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to this medicine and definitely recommend to others.



Because I didn’t have anything to compare my life with, I never knew that there was a big hole inside of me. I feel like there is something inside of me for the first time in my life


I can’t recommend more highly.

Fellow consumers, you’ve no reason to hesitate. I haven’t yet sampled each of the products I’ve purchased, but those I have tried deliver exactly as, or even better than, any expectations. The professionalism of the Soulcybin site and customer service perfectly represents this company. They ship very quickly, they communicate promptly and clearly, and their products’ quality are above reproach. I can’t recommend more highly.


Microdosing at it’s finest.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety/depression for years, I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a lifesaver microdosing has been. I noticed profound changes almost immediately after beginning my journey in plant medicine. Highly recommend the brain boost for an uplifting day. Will be coming back! Thanks SoulCybin!

Mark Romero

Turned My Life Around

I am 35, I have struggled with trauma, depression, anxiety since I was a child. I used drugs and alcohol to cope for years. I just celebrated 3 years of sobriety and I was still having a hard time getting up every day. I have been on so many antidepressants that I have lost count. Since starting the microdosing I have had a complete 180! I feel more grounded and have such a better outlook on life. Getting up in the mornings is no longer a chore, I embrace it. If you’re asking yourself, is this for me? Take this as the sign you were looking for!

Elisha M.


I’ve struggled with depression since i was 14. I’ve never taken an anti depressant that was effective. Within two days of taking Soulcybin 100mg, i slept better, was more calm, settled, easy going and happy. My anxiety has all but disappeared. I do 5 days on, 2 off.
I’m very grateful for this product and hope it’s better known soon.
Thank you from me, my family and the bottom of my heart.


The ringing in my ear is gone, this is insane!

I have had tinnitus from early childhood, worsened by gunfire and machinery, motors, working in the shop and lots of metal grinding with my job. My hearing was terrible.

This is just insane to me, after only TWO doses of 0.2g and I can barely even focus hard enough to hear the ringing, even in complete silence it’s hardly there. It’s burdened me for years and interrupted my sleep, and also can’t hear well in crowded areas with background noise, and I don’t think my hearing got any better but just the constant monotone ringing is damn near gone. This isn’t even why I decided to try micro dosing but just a noticed effect from the last 2 days. I’m blown away!

Martin T

Help for my depression and compulsions – feeling a calm I haven’t felt in years

I have used 200mg Inner Peace for approx 7 weeks. After years of depression, several SSRI’s and therapy…I am feeling a calm I haven’t felt in years and a suppression of my “default mode” habits. Excellent company to work with and quality products.


Great support

I had an order which the Post office lost during the Christmas rush and the team at SoulCybin did a great job sorting it out.


Greg C

Most effective medication I’ve ever experienced…

So context here is I am a “high functioning” ADHD with a very successful career but it requires a ton of stimulant meds that create severe and persistent crushing anxiety, and it leaves no energy for my family and personal relationships. I also have a ton of experience with hallucinogens but not as medication, and only in higher quantities.

Took my first microdose today and it was, by far, the most effective medication I’ve ever experienced. It was like all the areas of my brain that are usually so hard to work with just became softer. The anxiety became easily manageable, but it has also increased my ability to focus and process information…. kind of everything. I don’t know if this is sustainable, but I have hope!!


Alleviate Depression And Help You Cope With Difficult Things

I just wanted to say your products have enhanced my life in a natural and healthy way. When used properly, they set the mood for your day, alleviate depression and help you cope with the difficult things in life whatever they may be. You guys are a blessing and are doing a service to people in difficult times. Thank you for what you do!


So much more daily inner peace!

Since incorporating SoulCybin into my life I’ve experience more inner peace and released a lot of judgements or stress, things that used to bother me no longer do. I’m having more in depth and vulnerable conversations, deeper meditations and feel more connected to myself than ever. I’ve experienced quite a bit of healing and more love!

I would highly recommend this to anyone desiring more love, peace, healing and connection to self and spirit!


Microdosing Psilocybin has changed my Life

Microdosing Psilocybin has changed my life. I have PTSD and CPTSD and this medicine has helped me breakthrough and heal the subconscious and I am forever grateful for the plants as teachers and all who work to make this available to the people of the earth.

Sarah Elsie, LMT

Fortune 500

This product has so much benefit not only mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I would without a doubt say I can’t get enough of it. One hundred percent feel if this company continued what I have experienced so far they can change the world! I will keep coming back and want to thank you for opening my soul.


Amazing Results

Started microdosing for anxiety /depression however, I had no idea there would be such profound changes in so many other areas. I have a renewed outlook and joy! Highly recommend.

Tonya SS

A life of peace and serenity

I just want to say that I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I lived in fear, pain, and misery. I was literally dead inside then I was surfing the web one day when I ran across an article about the healing power of psilocybin. Now I’m not one to be taken in by a bunch of phony bologna but I will admit it did get my attention. After hours of research on the subject of microdosing I came across a supplier of the so called miracle supplement and it just happened to be the wonderful people at Soulcybin. I discovered something so life changing that words can’t even describe it. I’m a different man today. I’m totally at peace with myself today and I actually look forward to experiencing even the most simplest things in life.

Carey Perry

Anxiety, stress and amphetamine recovery

I have been using Soulcybin for about a month. I also ordered the ceremonial blend.
I am 36 years old and was first diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression at 14. I’m also recovering from a prescription diet pill addiction that compromised my central nervous system and may have led to musculoskeletal damage. I’m miserable and in pain for years. I’ve taken every prescription anti depressant out there. All i ever felt was that my personality was being dulled over time.
Just in this short time I’ve been taking this, I’m convinced if it’s magic. I have an open, excited attitude towards life, i have more energy, I’m relaxed and just overall happier. I sleep and wake easily. I’m just shining again.
I’m incredibly grateful for this product and i plan to be a forever client with these results.
My friends and family are already commenting on the change. Thank you.
I have not been paid or coerced to write this. It has really helped me. I am a real person.

Jennifer Campbell

Best decision I’ve ever made

No doubt do I have a more positive out look on my regular day life but this has also opened up my mind to so many different things and changed my way of thinking for the better and I couldn’t be happier.

Colin W

A sacred space within sacred space

Powerful combo that truly brings the head to heart. A lot of revelations and a lot of processing as you manage the dose needed for the journey. Pretty fulfilled with the experience I had so far.
Conscious intentions and breath work are extremely important to process what’s brought forth.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful, healing plant combination!

Maggie Hunt

Increased Connection with Myself & Creativity

Microdosing has allowed me to move away from less productive alternatives. As well, it has had the most positive affect on me than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve noticed an increase in connection with myself and a boost in creativity. It feels great and allows me to perform more!


Natural perfect medicine

I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster last several years of my, due to medical/pain issues with my (once athletic) body. Last few years of psychiatric care has been crazy. I’ve tried just about every serotonin drug out there. We finally landed on 200mg of Zoloft and 15mg of Rexulti. They seemed to give me the best results so far. Even with this help, I wasn’t satisfied with my mental state. Just funny and random how Soulcybin popped up on my fb feed. I had been curious about micro dosing and getting more in sync with a natural Journey of self help. I read some of the testimonies and and searched the site for flaws of a possible fake or scam site. It seemed legit, I decided to place an order, in about a week, my bottle of 250mg inner peace.
I’ll admit, I was kinda nervous. Its been 20+ since I tried mushrooms in college. Will I take too much, not enough, will I get sick, will I waste my money, will I trip out, will I go crazy? All this was running through my head, as I surfed the internet for possible advice and information. Let’s just say, that everyone is a little bit different. Your journey is up to you. Mine was to seek help and relief from my failing psych meds. After a couple months of using this product, I’ve been the happiest I’ve felt all year. Even after putting on 60+ pounds this year and deal with the whole pandemic, I’ve managed to find some enlightenment naturally. I’m truly happier since discovering Soulcybin.
Thank you for your product.
Tom F, California

Tom F

The mushrooms have helped me

The mushrooms have helped me to find a missing piece in the puzzle of my life that I feel was often missing. They helped me to notice what was wrong with me in my life, and lifted me to a level of inspiration where I care more about fixing it. They’ve also helped me to feel more happiness and appreciation for what I’ve gotten right in the mystery tour of my life. The doses were about right for what I was seeking. I’ve known what it’s like to take too many, and not feel right about it, but this was about right.

Ben H.

Quality healing experience

I was very skeptical about the legitimacy of Soulcybin but thankfully I was wrong. I feel your company is ethical in every way. The product I purchased was superb. I felt safe and I was provided a quality healing experience.

Jerry Fields

Life improvement and performance at my job

I would like to share my experience with this amazing supplement. I have sufferer from mild depression, anxiety and issues focusing at my job. This supplement have helped me with the depression and anxiety, I still have my life issues but with the pills the burden in lesser on a daily basis.

As per the concentration, I will say there is a big impact and it helped me tremendously with my performance at my job.

Yaribeth R.

Life changing

Absolutely Life changing it has helped me center and be grounded and less anxious


Worth it

These products have had a direct impact on my depression. Would buy again!

Gerald Owens

Life enhancing!

I have tried many different supplements and courses throughout the years, but by far soul cybin has been the most profound life changing purchase. I have used the different doses of adaptogen blend and ceremonial dose as well. I experience the most benefit from smaller doses (25mg) rather than larger doses. I cannot recommend enough to give this a try. Definitely helps get out of the negative thought loops and depression. I notice I appreciate the small things in life again. (leaves on a tree, the sound of the wind, etc.) Thank you Soul Cybin for helping me ascend and evolve into a better person!

Laura Conley

Ceremonial Blend

My wife and I just sampled your ceremonial blend and followed the suggestion of taking two capsules and found that this was the perfect introduction. Our experience was very low key, calming yet emotional, with a hint of ecstatic . On our next experience we will up the dosage to 3 or 4 capsules.


Brain boost for sure

I loved the brain booster. It definitely made me feel more alert and way smarter especially when I took it with an edible. Without an edible, it made me feel a bit anxious so the edible helped cut off the edge. Will be buying again for sure.

Sabrina Abuelkhair

A quality and positive experience

This is the first I’ve encountered a consistently dosed and reliable product. Dose adjustment is super easy with the variety of options and effects are absolutely noticeable in a very medicinal way. Thank you for setting such a wonderful standard of quality!!


I have been microdosing for

I have been microdosing for a couple months now and I am amazed at the results so far. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my mood. I am so grateful to have finally found a product that actually helps. I finally feel like I have found my true self. I am happy again.


Great product!

The lions mane adds a unique cognitive boost. Serotonin seems elevated, energy is high and feel creatively inspired. Product is mellow, clean, and similar to other experiences I have had at the same dose. A little pricey but the rewards are a good incentive. Also, packaging is discreet and quick.


A truly enlightening experience.

My goal is for spiritual growth. I have not used the product except in an environment that is conducive to those ends. In doing so, I have found a new sense of focus, purpose and determination with life overall. A new joy, that is lost in the doldrums everyday life. It is a 4-hour vacation from the stress and problems and has no side effects. It has not solved any problems, but rather, allows for the digestion of problems, issues, and life in a peaceful tone.


Micro dosing

I started micro dosing about a month ago, I feel like a light was turned on in my brain! Better moods, less depression without the side effects of antidepressants! LOVE this new being!



I’m a saxophone player and after taking the prescribed dosage of Inner Peace I’m more aware of the sounds that I’ve been making and now I’m able to create even more.

James C Schroeder


Microdosing Psilocybin has helped me see and appreciate the shadow self. Negative self talk has vanished as Ive been able to see and feel that is not who I am. Microdosing Psilocybin has made clear, the narrow path. You will more than likely have no other choice but to choose and strive for perfection after your experiences. I am thankful for all involved in bringing this forth.


Life changer

For years I have battled anxiety and anger and this has helped relieve some of both it is definitely a life changer and my wife has noticed


Ceremonial Blend

My experience with Ceremonial Blend was that it is just what it says it is. One caveat: the label says to take on an empty stomach. Take that seriously. The first time, I did not have an empty stomach and two capsules resulted in nada. The next time, I took two just as I woke up and hadn’t eaten anything. That was the experience I was looking for.


Just 2 bottles

I started with a sample of inner peace which caught my attention I then ordered a bottle of the focus and ceremonial blend and I couldnt have been more pleased with the experience! The focus was an amazing coffee substitute (for the most part) gave me a nice little awakening and kept me a little sharper all day mentally. The ceremonial blend was a great dosage to help get into a deep meditative state and wash over you with a real constructive mental outlook on the things I would be focusing on during these sessions! I would come away with the nice after glow affect and would carry the positive vibes for a few days afterwards. I’m looking forward to another order soon!

Trevor Sly

Life changer

I have always been anxious and angry since starting taking inner peace I have found my peace and it’s amazing my wife has noticed the change that has given me


Great Product!

I am very pleased with my experience. They provide quality supplements and great customer service!


Great Stuff!!

Microdosing has improved my quality of life tremendously. I’ve started walking again and my mood is so much better. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to better their life!


Happy microdosing

I am honored to be able to be a part of this amazing journey with these sacred plant medicines and I now am a person who was able to throw away my pharmaceutical medication in order to get actual mental and spiritual help through the experience of using psilocybin and the Syrian Rue ! I now am able to talk to my mom and have real loving eye contact ! I can now enjoy this beautiful life in a way I never thought possible !!! Please be open minded and love yourself enough to try real medicines that can help you in the long run of life !! Love yourself and much love from me to you as a prior machine gunners in the United States Marine Corps and now a Marine for the winning side with the help of such an amazing medicine ! Much love Aaron Thorne !

Aaron Thorne

Very good.

I ordered the 50mg, 100mg and 150mg. It has helped with anxiety, it helps get deep in to meditation and overall a great product. It’s been a very positive subtle feeling. Recommend to others.


Great Product

I’ve been getting Brain Booster and Inner Peace supplements from SoulCybin for a few months now. I love their product . Microsdosing has really helped me with depression, motivation and energy. I have turned several friends onto it. And, SoulCybin is a reliable source for those who have a hard time finding a place to get a high quality and safe product.

debra johnson

Changed my life

My only regret is that I have not known about this healing medicine before now. I’m almost 60 yrs old, had PTSD & anxiety all my life. Microdosing has helped me balance myself enough to get past many old traumas and lead a more peaceful life. So grateful! Soulcybin is a company with a heart & soul; prices are more than reasonable, and the healing that is offered is priceless.

Mimi For Life

Life changing!

Ever since I started taking soulcybin I have expanded my thinking like never before!

Nicholas m

Treatment-resistant Major Depression sent packing!

I have struggled with chronic, treatment-resistant Major Depression and complex childhood PTSD for over 40 years. I am happy to report that I have a new weapon in my arsenal for fighting the black fog. I do many things to manage my condition: psychotherapy, medications, whole-food plant-based diet, exercise, SAD light, ketamine infusions, meditation and prayer. I am having WONDERFUL results with the Brain Booster, Ceremonial Blend, Adaptogen Blend and Inner Peace. My state of mind is better than it has been for over 29 years.

I thank God every day for the existence of this company and the medicine they provide at an affordable price. That sounds cheesy, but it is exactly how I feel. Thank you, Soulcybin!


Microdosing = peace = happiness

I started my microdosing about a month and a half ago and I have had the most incredible experiences in this life! My thoughts are easy on my soul, my eyes are open wider then ever and my heart is so clear I could probley make you a glass house 😍 I tell ya one soul to another please just try the low dose change your feeling, once we change our FEELERS🤪 we change our mind. This will make you not only have thoughts that you can understand and process and the world , nature has a whole new meaning. If your thoughts are should I try this, your answer is yes🥰 life changing and life saving! The Journey blend….. off the hook in love guys thank you love you all sooooo much and again thank you for your prayers your energy and your measures😍😍😍😍

Will Yours Be Next?